Monday, April 23, 2012

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Vegas Party Dancers Joslyn & Megan

Party with the hottest of all escorts in Las Vegas, Nv.

Adult Las Vegas Escorts offers professional entertainer services performed by top class female show girls in Vegas.

You will enjoy the companionship and talents of the fine women we have chosen to represent this company.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Say Hello To Larissa

Larissa is real honey around Vegas. Can you believe the body on this girl. When she asked us to post her as a feature entertainer on our blog we immediately said, "Hell yes". This girl will make you laugh like a kid. Really, she is crazy funny! Especially when she catches someone staring at her tits.

Seriously though, Larissa is available most nights in Las Vegas. Probably best to try and set up an appointment a couple days early, but it never hurts to cold call and see if she is available.

Call Larissa by phone: 702.473.2099

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Kind Review For Las Vegas Escorts

I recently was in Las Vegas with my husband and wanted to surprise him with an escort. I had never done anything like that with my husband, so you can only imagine i i was extremely nervous. We called the number and i explained how i wanted to surprise my husband and i might join in if i felt comfortable. The operator was very patient with helping me choose the perfect escort girl for the our "Vegas experience." She arrived on time and made both of us very comfortable, not to mention she was beautiful with a soft touch. We will definitely use them again on our return visit to Sin City!

Pamela & Ed

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Time For Deanna In Las Vegas

Hey, I,m Deanna.

I am available for the most seductive adult entertainment you have ever experienced.

Men, women or couples are invited to give me a call whenever in Las Vegas. I consider myself the purest form of professional erotic entertainment.

If you are ready to play with a big girl who knows what it takes to make your visit to Vegas something special then give me a call soon.

Phone: 702.726.6660

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Be Patient - She'll Be Right There

I sent an escort to the Encore this morning, she was there in 20 minutes and the guy didn't answer, i don't get it!

She got up stairs by herself and everything. What happens to the guys who don't answer? The girl gets there on time, gets up without him having to come get her and there is no answer.

It will always and forever bug the shit out of me! LOL. Its a total waste of everyone's time. I cant stress enough to you guys how important it is to cancel your escort reservation if you have to leave your room or postpone, whatever.

Don't just disappear on us! Are we dealing with men or little boys playing games? Play with Las Vegas escorts instead.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Girls Rock

I LOVE WOMEN! I have only heard about what goes on in Vegas and have only seen the ads on the Internet, which was enough for a man like me to plan an extended stay there next month. Now, I don't gamble, drink, or do drugs. So, yes, I am a man who cant get enough attention from women, not that I have a problem finding women who want to be with me, I have more than I can handle, some say. I crave attention from women I have never met before. It sounds a little strange, I'm sure, but it is real.
I am stuck in a rut, I have run out of resources where I live, locally I've hit a wall. It was bound to happen, I live where escorts are non-existent. So you can only imagine the excitement I am feeling since I googled "Las Vegas escorts". Like a kid in a candy store.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Woke Up In Love This Morning

I had a Vegas escort come to my room this morning at the LV Hilton. She got to me in about 15min and she was beautiful. I wasn't very specific about what I wanted her to look like other than I wanted her to be white. The escort girl that showed up wasn't white, she was Hispanic, I think. lol. She was one of the most beautiful escorts I had seen non the less. I have friends who are in town with me and staying across the hall and right next door to me. I kept telling her to whisper so they couldn't hear her or me. I played it safe and had her come late/early enough to assure she wouldn't run into any of them coming or going from their rooms. It was a wonderful thing.